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About your Consultant

Everything on this planet follows the universal law of cause and effect.

Thom Voegtli is the owner of Yourback-Ourbusiness LLC. He acts as Business and Health Consultant. 

​Born in Switzerland and lived in several countries. Before he had started to work as Health prevention Coach and massage therapist, he had persued a career in executive higher management with global multinational enterprises based in Europe and was a successful company management consultant for complex international business solutions.

He holds an MBA in Total Quallity Management and a dual MBA in Managerial Leadership. To apply practical solutions is the challenge of customizing the selected methodology with the customers.   


Realistic solutions that create lasting and sustainable values are the goal to reach with customers.


Thom Voegtli, MBA

Consultant, Coach,  Therapist

MBA Quality Management

MBA Managerial Leadeship

Federal Diploma in Logistics Management

Certified Adult trainer


Health Prevention methodolgies:

- Nutrition counselling

- Homeopathie,

- Herbal therapies

- Certified Fitness instruktor

- Certified Massage Therapist

- Certified in Foot Massages

- Certified Mental Trainer


Phone:  (813) 539 7559  - direct to Thom

E-Mail:  yourbackourbusiness@gmail.com


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