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The all-in-one methodology to improve business results through training and coaching of the work force.


Preventive methodology (Mind – Body – Well-Being) instead of high follow-up costs!

Training employees who work with their mind and participate with their heart in the business and in their job function create values that are perceived by the customers as high end services or products ---and therefore lead to loyalty and better business.

...better, more effective and cheaper than any flyer or other marketing or sales advertisement strategy!

Your Trainer and Coach applies principles from the world of sports. The method trains the staff to be aware of their positive or negative impact in the business. Starting with the whole situation, realistic solutions are broken into training segments that can be immediately transformed into success.

Improving motivation, creating awareness and happiness. All factors improving the success, the numbers in sales (customer satisfaction) and reduces the total number of sick days!


Preventive coaching adds value to the company and its people through addressing areas of concern:

- work organization and processes

- media use (business, private)

- culture and codes

- mental training

- physical exercise level

- nutrition aspects

- massages

- outdoor activities



Make your apointment now for a personal evaluation.

Prices are based after careful review by the complexity and the required time for the total project.

Phone: 813 539 7559 - direct line with Thom, your Business Trainer and Coach

E-Mail: yourbackourbusiness@gmail.com  

Business Success above the clouds - Yourbackourbusiness at 2753 SR 580 Suite 205 in Clearwater FL 33761

Prevention = be above the fog and enjoy the success on the peak!

The myth of true growth means that the demand of a product or service needs to be bigger than the supply (principle of scarcity or pull). Higher volumes reduce the demand and therefore the prices (push). In the latter situation often quality soars and reduce the motivation of the workforce.


Your benefits will be priceless. Our service and pricing will be adapted to your needs and therefore personalized.

Business Success is a call away from Yourbackourbusiness at 2753 SR 580 Suite 205 in Clearwater FL 33761

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