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Physical Activity and weight loss | Palm Harbor FL 34684


You want to get into effective and enjoyable physical activity?

You like to be dynamic and active in daily life?

Good, but do it right from the start.

Physical fitness goes along with Mental awareness.

When you are ready to make a change do it!

We help you to create for you a fun program that you will integrate into your daily routine. 

The correct exercises allow you to gain strenghs, give your body a nice tone and make your feel better. A balanced body exercise does support the whole organism.

A healthy body leads to a good mind-set.


Coaching for all aspects:

- Planning of training units (body strength, endurance,

   muscles, etc)

- Instruction and monitoring of execution of exercises

- Nutrition planning

- Mindset

- Stress resistance

- Well-Being

Yoga Mats

Price for Weight Loss & Health Counseling

Regular Coaching Meetings $ 60 /hour 

Special pricing for coaching projects

(normally six meetings over two to threee months)


Phone:  (813) 539 7559  - direct to Thom

E-Mail:  yourbackourbusiness@gmail.com


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