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Weight loss made easy | Palm Harbor FL 34684n

Mental Strength

will support your weight loss or other Lifestyle improvements

What you think that you can do -

will happen. Sooner or later.

Steering your thoughts – steering your life!

You WILL reach your goals!

Lose weight through easy to follow steps. Your succes is to reach your goals!

Enjoy a stress free lifestyle through clear mental awareness and presence.

We will show you how to best use your strengths and improve eventual weaknesses.

Your SWISS trained and certified mental trainer will support you!

You will learn how to deal better with certain situations in your live:

- you want to lose weight?

- knowing your goals (work, private, etc)?

- knowing what you like, what your want, what

   you do not like or do not want

- Knowing what makes you happy /unhappy?

- Knowing your beliefs / values / thinking


- Improving evenutal physical pains (tensions,

   bad digestion, sleeplessness,

- more ...

Price for Weight Loss & Health Counseling

Regular Coaching Meetings $ 60 /hour 

Special pricing for coaching projects

(normally six meetings over two to threee months)

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